RED ‘CANDIS’ part 2

The mystery of Red is solved as she grows older. Red discovered that the lot she gets at every party is just what’s meant for her. The saying  ‘experience is the best teacher’ worked this time around. Over time, she discovered that everyone’s meal was lacking one thing although they had what she didn’t have so she decided to flunt the meatless food and make others who had meat on their food feel inferior to her.

  • The character RED OR CANDIS is just that thing we all feel we are lacking. It could be goodlooks, intelligence, skills and the likes and alot of us forget the fact that we can develop the ones we have that people do not even notice the ones we do not have.
  • Sell your strengths to people and don’t expose your weakness by trying everyday to be strong there. This is not saying that, whatever we are not good at should be left alone, our weaknesses can also be developed without exposing it to the world because the world will one day take advantage of our weaknesses to get to us but if we work on our weaknesses in secret till we are good enough and sell our strengths to the public, they might not discover our weaknesses and even if they do, they know it doesn’t bother us and so can’t use it as a tool against us .

I hope this has exposed us to the realities of Red. Let us enjoy all that we have and be better at it. As Nikita Gill has said, Don’t be beautiful, there’s an unending list of other things to be, so enjoy being you and stop searching for the meat on others’ plates.

Red ”CANDIS” part 1

  • As attractive as the meat is on a plate of food of every individual at the party so is she. Red is that part of us that some of us know or have found out while others have not. She induces pain in the mind and causes mild sorrow. She is that us that feels we don’t get that piece of meat on everyone’s food and that’s what you get. You might wonder why everyone around you both qualified and unqualified just get the lucky plate. The saying, ”the patient dog always gets the fattest bone” has never just applied to you for years. Is the dog not strategic enough?, is the dog not sensitive to when the meat or bone is coming?, or is it found busy with something else when the meat is about to arrive? These questions remain a mystery in the mind of Red. She tried planning, she even tried not paying attention because maybe too much attention on the meal makes her miss it but she still ends up with the meatless food. 
  • Alot of times, she has found the means to the meal but the meal ends us disappearing. The most disastrous thing is that nothing has ever satisfied her or seem to be satisfying as much as the meal. She keeps seeing this imaginary meat and even gets memories of the bone that never became realistic. 
  • Then what does she do?,  she waits, anticipates, but it all seems hopeless.Watch out for part 2. It promises to expose you more to the realities of Red. I hope you enjoyed part 1 and you are left in anticipation of part 2. Please leave a comment or question if any.  Thank you. 

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